Saturday, December 31, 2005

Reap What You Sow

O self-willed manmukh! When will i realise He is just testing me and surrender to His Hukam? I beg for Your Divine Grace...

This Shabad is by Guru Raam Daas Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 302 of SGGS ji:

slok mÚ 4 ]
salok ma 4
Shalok, Fourth Mehl:
siqguru DrqI Drm hY iqsu ivic jyhw ko bIjy qyhw Plu pwey ]
sathigur dhharathee dhharam hai this vich jaehaa ko beejae thaehaa fal paaeae
The True Guru is the field of Dharma; as one plants the seeds there, so are the fruits obtained.
gurisKI AMimRqu bIijAw iqn AMimRq Plu hir pwey ]
gurasikhee a(n)mrith beejiaa thin a(n)mrith fal har paaeae
The GurSikhs plant ambrosial nectar, and obtain the Lord as their ambrosial fruit.
Enw hliq pliq muK aujly Eie hir drgh scI pYnwey ]
ounaa halath palath mukh oujalae oue har dharageh sachee painaaeae
Their faces are radiant in this world and the next; in the Court of the Lord, they are robed with honor.
iekn@w AMdir Kotu inq Kotu kmwvih Ehu jyhw bIjy qyhw Plu Kwey ]
eikanhaa a(n)dhar khott nith khott kamaavehi ouhu jaehaa beejae thaehaa fal khaaeae
Some have cruelty in their hearts - they constantly act in cruelty; as they plant, so are the fruits which they eat.
jw siqguru srwPu ndir kir dyKY suAwvgIr siB auGiV Awey ]
jaa sathigur saraaf nadhar kar dhaekhai suaavageer sabh ougharr aaeae
When the True Guru, the Tester, observes with His Glance, the selfish ones are all exposed.
Eie jyhw icqvih inq qyhw pwiein Eie qyho jyhy diX vjwey ]
oue jaehaa chithavehi nith thaehaa paaein oue thaeho jaehae dhay vajaaeae
As one thinks, so does he receive, and so does the Lord make him known.
nwnk duhI isrI Ksmu Awpy vrqY inq kir kir dyKY clq sbwey ]1]
naanak dhuhee siree khasam aapae varathai nith kar kar dhaekhai chalath sabaaeae 1
O Nanak, the Lord and Master is pervading at both ends; He continually acts, and beholds His own play. 1

This Shabad is by Guru Raam Daas Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 303 of SGGS ji:
mÚ 4 ]
ma 4
Fourth Mehl:
pUry gur kw hukmu n mMnY Ehu mnmuKu AigAwnu muTw ibKu mwieAw ]
poorae gur kaa hukam n ma(n)nai ouhu manamukh agiaan mut(h)aa bikh maaeiaa
One who does not obey the Hukam, the Command of the Perfect Guru - that self-willed manmukh is plundered by his ignorance and poisoned by Maya.
Esu AMdir kUVu kUVo kir buJY Axhody JgVy diX Es dY gil pwieAw ]
ous a(n)dhar koorr koorro kar bujhai anehodhae jhagarrae dhay ous dhai gal paaeiaa
Within him is falsehood, and he sees everyone else as false; the Lord has tied these useless conflicts around his neck.
Ehu gl ProsI kry bhuqyrI Es dw boilAw iksY n BwieAw ]
ouhu gal farosee karae bahuthaeree ous dhaa boliaa kisai n bhaaeiaa
He babbles on and on, but the words he speaks please no one.
Ehu Gir Gir hMFY ijau rMn duohwgix Esu nwil muhu joVy Esu BI lCxu lwieAw ]
ouhu ghar ghar ha(n)dtai jio ra(n)n dhuohaagan ous naal muhu jorrae ous bhee lashhan laaeiaa
He wanders from house to house like an abandoned woman; whoever associates with him is stained by the mark of evil as well.
gurmuiK hoie su Ailpqo vrqY Es dw pwsu Cif gur pwis bih jwieAw ]
guramukh hoe s alipatho varathai ous dhaa paas shhadd gur paas behi jaaeiaa
Those who become Gurmukh avoid him; they forsake his company and sit near the Guru.
jo guru gopy Awpxw su Blw nwhI pMchu Ein lwhw mUlu sBu gvwieAw ]
jo gur gopae aapanaa s bhalaa naahee pa(n)chahu oun laahaa mool sabh gavaaeiaa
O chosen people, O self-elect, one who does not publicly affirm his Guru is not a good person; he loses all his profits and capital.
pihlw Awgmu ingmu nwnku AwiK suxwey pUry gur kw bcnu aupir AwieAw ]
pehilaa aagam nigam naanak aakh sunaaeae poorae gur kaa bachan oupar aaeiaa
People used to chant and recite the Shaastras and the Vedas, O Nanak, but now the Words of the Perfect Guru have come to be the most exalted of all.
gurisKw vifAweI BwvY gur pUry kI mnmuKw Eh vylw hiQ n AwieAw ]2]
gurasikhaa vaddiaaee bhaavai gur poorae kee manamukhaa ouh vaelaa hathh n aaeiaa 2
The glorious greatness of the Perfect Guru is pleasing to the GurSikh; the self-willed manmukhs have lost this opportunity. 2


Blogger ss said...

Paarji - happy new year to you.

Keep blogging - as you say the Blog Fauj expects ;-)


PS. Know who I am? I'll give you a clue. If you're the guy with the klaxon and khaki top then I'm the one with the camera and the blurring tool ;-)

11:53 pm  
Blogger sikhlionz said...

muhahahahaaaa, wow- u do keep busy on and offline dont ya!!
keep up the good work - thumbs up!
ss paji zindabad
he he he

2:12 pm  
Blogger ss said...

Nah man Taz Lionz zindabad :-)

I'm just a manmukh; we need more Gurmukhs like you.

I'm totally burnt out - too much of burning the candle at all ends and in the middle as well. Sikhs In the Square nearly killed me as well what with trying to fit everything else in as well - but it has to be done ;-)

Just taking a bit of a break from things at the moment while I collect my thoughts and try to sort my life out. But we got to work on the World Day of Protest now so I better get my finger out.

It's all seva after all. I've been off SikhSangat and Waheguroo Forums for the longest time as well - really need to get back into things.

See you this coming June and next time I'll be sure to come across and exchange Fatehs.

Keep it up


8:38 pm  
Blogger SikhsRus said...

Happy New Year Singh Sahib! Great blog you have. I even did a post about your blog becuase I found the cartoon posts very funny. THanks for visitng my blog and keep up the great work. Waheguru!

Also, is there a way to post shabads in Gurmukhi on your blog? I have seen other people do it suchas from msingh and isingh.

3:02 am  
Blogger sikhlionz said...

ss paji i'm moderating the comments so i have final say lol- You are the true gurmukh- i'm not worth the dust on the feet of true sangat of gursikhs.
sikhsrus the way i do it is to select the shabad written in gurmukhi and drag it into the window when creating the blog article as copying and pasting converts it into english

1:00 am  
Blogger Gurpreet Singh said...

I know I am a bit late but happy new year bro..hope ur years filled with naaam simran and bani . Wicked sewa with the website and the blog keep it up Singh!

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