Friday, June 09, 2006

They Eat And Wear What They Are Given, But Still, They Deny The Lord.

This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Gauree on Ang 195 of SGGS ji:

gauVI mhlw 5 ]
gourree mehalaa 5
Gauree, Fifth Mehla:

Kwdw pYndw mUkir pwie ]
khaadhaa painadhaa mookar paae
They eat and wear what they are given, but still, they deny the Lord.

iqs no johih dUq Drmrwie ]1]
this no johehi dhooth dhharamaraae 1
The messengers of the Righteous Judge of Dharma shall hunt them down. 1

iqsu isau bymuKu ijin jIau ipMfu dInw ]
this sio baemukh jin jeeo pi(n)dd dheenaa
They are unfaithful to the One, who has given them body and soul.

koit jnm Brmih bhu jUnw ]1] rhwau ]
kott janam bharamehi bahu joonaa 1 rehaao
Through millions of incarnations, for so many lifetimes, they wander lost. 1Pause

swkq kI AYsI hY rIiq ]
saakath kee aisee hai reeth
Such is the lifestyle of the faithless cynics;

jo ikCu krY sgl ibprIiq ]2]
jo kishh karai sagal bipareeth 2
everything they do is evil. 2

jIau pRwx ijin mnu qnu DwirAw ] soeI Twkuru mnhu ibswirAw ]3]
jeeo praan jin man than dhhaariaa soee t(h)aakur manahu bisaariaa 3
Within their minds, they have forgotten that Lord and Master, who created the soul, breath of life, mind and body. 3

bDy ibkwr ilKy bhu kwgr ]
badhhae bikaar likhae bahu kaagar
Their wickedness and corruption have increased - they are recorded in volumes of books.

nwnk auDru ik®pw suK swgr ]4]
naanak oudhhar kirapaa sukh saagar 4
O Nanak, they are saved only by the Mercy of God, the Ocean of peace. 4

pwrbRhm qyrI srxwie ]
paarabreham thaeree saranaae
O Supreme Lord God, I have come to Your Sanctuary.

bMDn kwit qrY hir nwie ]1] rhwau dUjw ]78]147]
ba(n)dhhan kaatt tharai har naae 1 rehaao dhoojaa 78147
Break my bonds, and carry me across, with the Lord's Name. 1Second Pause78147


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