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The minds of the Lord's devotees are filled with bliss.

This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Bhairao on Pannaa 1150 of SGGS ji:
BYrau mhlw 5 ]
bhairo mehalaa 5
Bhairao, Fifth Mehl:
Bgqw min Awnµdu goibMd ]
bhagathaa man aana(n)dh gobi(n)dh
The minds of the Lord's devotees are filled with bliss.
AsiQiq Bey ibnsI sB icMd ]
asathhith bheae binasee sabh chi(n)dh
They become stable and permanent, and all their anxiety is gone.
BY BRm ibnis gey iKn mwih ]
bhai bhram binas geae khin maahi
Their fears and doubts are dispelled in an instant.
pwrbRhmu visAw min Awie ]1]
paarabreham vasiaa man aae 1
The Supreme Lord God comes to dwell in their minds. 1
rwm rwm sMq sdw shwie ]
raam raam sa(n)th sadhaa sehaae
The Lord is forever the Help and Support of the Saints.
Gir bwhir nwly prmysru riv rihAw pUrn sB Twie ]1] rhwau ]
ghar baahar naalae paramaesar rav rehiaa pooran sabh t(h)aae 1 rehaao
Inside the home of the heart, and outside as well, the Transcendent Lord is always with us, permeating and pervading all places. 1Pause
Dnu mwlu jobnu jugiq gopwl ]
dhhan maal joban jugath gopaal
The Lord of the World is my wealth, property, youth and ways and means.
jIA pRwx inq suK pRiqpwl ]
jeea praan nith sukh prathipaal
He continually cherishes and brings peace to my soul and breath of life.
Apny dws kau dy rwKY hwQ ]
apanae dhaas ko dhae raakhai haathh
He reaches out with His Hand and saves His slave.
inmK n CofY sd hI swQ ]2]
nimakh n shhoddai sadh hee saathh 2
He does not abandon us, even for an instant; He is always with us. 2
hir sw pRIqmu Avru n koie ]
har saa preetham avar n koe
There is no other Beloved like the Lord.
swir sm@wly swcw soie ]
saar samhaalae saachaa soe
The True Lord takes care of all.
mwq ipqw suq bMDu nrwiexu ]
maath pithaa suth ba(n)dhh naraaein
The Lord is our Mother, Father, Son and Relation.
Awid jugwid Bgq gux gwiexu ]3]
aadh jugaadh bhagath gun gaaein 3
Since the beginning of time, and throughout the ages, His devotees sing His Glorious Praises. 3
iqs kI Dr pRB kw min joru ]
this kee dhhar prabh kaa man jor
My mind is filled with the Support and the Power of the Lord.
eyk ibnw dUjw nhI horu ]
eaek binaa dhoojaa nehee hor
Without the Lord, there is no other at all.
nwnk kY min iehu purKwrQu ]
naanak kai man eihu purakhaarathh
Nanak's mind is encouraged by this hope,
pRBU hmwrw swry suAwrQu ]4]38]51]
prabhoo hamaaraa saarae suaarathh 43851
that God will accomplish my objectives in life. 43851


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