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Beneath the tree, all beings have gathered.

This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Maaroo on Pannaa 1019 of SGGS ji:
mwrU mhlw 5 ]
maaroo mehalaa 5
Maaroo, Fifth Mehl:
ibrKY hyiT siB jMq iekTy ]
birakhai haet(h) sabh ja(n)th eikat(h)ae
Beneath the tree, all beings have gathered.
ieik qqy ieik bolin imTy ]
eik thathae eik bolan mit(h)ae
Some are hot-headed, and some speak very sweetly.
Asqu audoqu BieAw auiT cly ijau ijau AauD ivhwxIAw ]1]
asath oudhoth bhaeiaa out(h) chalae jio jio aoudhh vihaaneeaa 1
Sunset has come, and they rise up and depart; their days have run their course and expired. 1
pwp krydV srpr muTy ]
paap karaedharr sarapar mut(h)ae
Those who committed sins are sure to be ruined.
AjrweIil PVy PiV kuTy ]
ajaraaeel farrae farr kut(h)ae
Azraa-eel, the Angel of Death, seizes and tortures them.
dojik pwey isrjxhwrY lyKw mMgY bwxIAw ]2]
dhojak paaeae sirajanehaarai laekhaa ma(n)gai baaneeaa 2
They are consigned to hell by the Creator Lord, and the Accountant calls them to give their account. 2
sMig n koeI BeIAw bybw ]
sa(n)g n koee bheeaa baebaa
No brothers or sisters can go with them.
mwlu jobnu Dnu Coif v\ysw ]
maal joban dhhan shhodd van(j)aesaa
Leaving behind their property, youth and wealth, they march off.
krx krIm n jwqo krqw iql pIVy ijau GwxIAw ]3]
karan kareem n jaatho karathaa thil peerrae jio ghaaneeaa 3
They do not know the kind and compassionate Lord; they shall be crushed like sesame seeds in the oil-press. 3
Kuis Kuis lYdw vsqu prweI ]
khus khus laidhaa vasath paraaee
You happily, cheerfully steal the possessions of others,
vyKY suxy qyrY nwil KudweI ]
vaekhai sunae thaerai naal khudhaaee
but the Lord God is with you, watching and listening.
dunIAw lib pieAw Kwq AMdir AglI gl n jwxIAw ]4]
dhuneeaa lab paeiaa khaath a(n)dhar agalee gal n jaaneeaa 4
Through worldly greed, you have fallen into the pit; you know nothing of the future. 4
jim jim mrY mrY iPir jMmY ]
jam jam marai marai fir ja(n)mai
You shall be born and born again, and die and die again, only to be reincarnated again.
bhuqu sjwie pieAw dyis l┬ÁmY ]
bahuth sajaae paeiaa dhaes la(n)mai
You shall suffer terrible punishment, on your way to the land beyond.
ijin kIqw iqsY n jwxI AMDw qw duKu shY prwxIAw ]5]
jin keethaa thisai n jaanee a(n)dhhaa thaa dhukh sehai paraaneeaa 5
The mortal does not know the One who created him; he is blind, and so he shall suffer. 5
Kwlk Qwvhu Bulw muTw ]
khaalak thhaavahu bhulaa mut(h)aa
Forgetting the Creator Lord, he is ruined.
dunIAw Kylu burw ruT quTw ]
dhuneeaa khael buraa rut(h) thut(h)aa
The drama of the world is bad; it brings sadness and then happiness.
isdku sbUrI sMqu n imilE vqY Awpx BwxIAw ]6]
sidhak sabooree sa(n)th n miliou vathai aapan bhaaneeaa 6
One who does not meet the Saint does not have faith or contentment; he wanders just as he pleases. 6
maulw Kyl kry siB Awpy ] ieik kFy ieik lhir ivAwpy ]
moulaa khael karae sabh aapae eik kadtae eik lehar viaapae
The Lord Himself stages all this drama. Some, he lifts up, and some he throws into the waves.
ijau ncwey iqau iqau ncin isir isir ikrq ivhwxIAw ]7]
jio nachaaeae thio thio nachan sir sir kirath vihaaneeaa 7
As He makes them dance, so do they dance. Everyone lives their lives according to their past actions. 7
imhr kry qw Ksmu iDAweI ]
mihar karae thaa khasam dhhiaaee
When the Lord and Master grants His Grace, then we meditate on Him.
sMqw sMgiq nrik n pweI ]
sa(n)thaa sa(n)gath narak n paaee
In the Society of the Saints, one is not consigned to hell.
AMimRq nwm dwnu nwnk kau gux gIqw inq vKwxIAw ]8]2]8]12]20]
a(n)mrith naam dhaan naanak ko gun geethaa nith vakhaaneeaa 8281220
Please bless Nanak with the gift of the Ambrosial Naam, the Name of the Lord; he continually sings the songs of Your Glories. 8281220


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