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One who harbors the five thieves, becomes the embodiment of these five.

This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Bhairao on Pannaa 1151 of SGGS ji:
BYrau mhlw 5 ]
bhairo mehalaa 5
Bhairao, Fifth Mehl:
pMc mjmI jo pMcn rwKY ]
pa(n)ch majamee jo pa(n)chan raakhai
One who harbors the five thieves, becomes the embodiment of these five.
imiQAw rsnw inq auiT BwKY ]
mithhiaa rasanaa nith out(h) bhaakhai
He gets up each day and tells lies.
ckĀ® bxwie krY pwKMf ]
chakr banaae karai paakha(n)dd
He applies ceremonial religious marks to his body, but practices hypocrisy.
Juir Juir pcY jYsy iqRA rMf ]1]
jhur jhur pachai jaisae thria ra(n)dd 1
He wastes away in sadness and pain, like a lonely widow. 1
hir ky nwm ibnw sB JUTu ]
har kae naam binaa sabh jhoot(h)
Without the Name of the Lord, everything is false.
ibnu gur pUry mukiq n pweIAY swcI drgih swkq mUTu ]1] rhwau ]
bin gur poorae mukath n paaeeai saachee dharagehi saakath moot(h) 1 rehaao
Without the Perfect Guru, liberation is not obtained. In the Court of the True Lord, the faithless cynic is plundered. 1Pause
soeI kucIlu kudriq nhI jwnY ]
soee kucheel kudharath nehee jaanai
One who does not know the Lord's Creative Power is polluted.
lIipAY Qwie n suic hir mwnY ]
leepiai thhaae n such har maanai
Ritualistically plastering one's kitchen square does not make it pure in the Eyes of the Lord.
AMqru mYlw bwhru inq DovY ]
a(n)thar mailaa baahar nith dhhovai
If a person is polluted within, he may wash himself everyday on the outside,
swcI drgih ApnI piq KovY ]2]
saachee dharagehi apanee path khovai 2
but in the Court of the True Lord, he forfeits his honor. 2
mwieAw kwrix krY aupwau ]
maaeiaa kaaran karai oupaao
He works for the sake of Maya,
kbih n GwlY sIDw pwau ]
kabehi n ghaalai seedhhaa paao
but he never places his feet on the right path.
ijin kIAw iqsu cIiq n AwxY ]
jin keeaa this cheeth n aanai
He never even remembers the One who created him.
kUVI kUVI muKhu vKwxY ]3]
koorree koorree mukhahu vakhaanai 3
He speaks falsehood, only falsehood, with his mouth. 3
ijs no krmu kry krqwru ]
jis no karam karae karathaar
That person, unto whom the Creator Lord shows Mercy,
swDsMig hoie iqsu ibauhwru ]
saadhhasa(n)g hoe this biouhaar
deals with the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.
hir nwm Bgiq isau lwgw rMgu ]
har naam bhagath sio laagaa ra(n)g
One who lovingly worships the Lord's Name,
khu nwnk iqsu jn nhI BMgu ]4]40]53]
kahu naanak this jan nehee bha(n)g 44053
says Nanak - no obstacles ever block his way. 44053


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