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I am a sacrifice, cut apart into pieces, a sacrifice to Your Name, O Lord Master

This Shabad is by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Vadhans on Ang 557 of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj:

<> siq nwmu krqw purKu inrBau inrvYru Akwl mUriq AjUnI sYBM gur pRswid ]
ik oa(n)kaar sath naam karathaa purakh nirabho niravair akaal moorath ajoonee saibha(n) gur prasaadh
There is but One God. True is His Name and creative His personality. He is without fear, without enmity, immortal in from beyond birth and self-illumined. By Guru's Grace He is obtained.

rwgu vfhMsu mhlw 1 Gru 1 ]
raag vaddeha(n)s mehalaa 1 ghar 1
Raga Wadhans is considered suitable for the cold season and is assigned to the afternoon hours. Its mood is quiet and tender. Texts set to the raga explain how the Guru alone can lead one to the Lord. Without the Lord one is likened to a woman without the love of her spouse. Fifty-three sabdas plus numerous slokas represent the total number composed to this raga by Guru Nanak, Guru Amar Das, Guru Ram Das and Guru Arjan. More on Raga Wadhans

Mahala tells us who wrote the shabad: in Gurbani Mahala is used to refer to the Guru Sahibans so here Mahala 1 refers to Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Ghar is a musical sign, used at the top of the Shabad in the SGGS. It gives a hint to Raagees as to what musical clef (beat) to sing the Shabad in. In other words, "Ghar" binds music and poetry in their metrical-form. There are up to seventeen "Ghar" mentioned in the SGGS. Musicologists have different interpretations of this term. But the consensus seems to be that it denotes the parts of a Taal (beat). Ghar 1 refers to the Daadraa Taal used in Indian Music. There is 1 Taalee* and the Beat has 6 Maatraas.

* Taalee is the pattern of clapping. Taals are typified by a particular pattern and number of claps.
** Maatraa is the beat, which may be subdivided if required.

AmlI Amlu n AMbVY mCI nIru n hoie ]
amalee amal n a(n)barrai mashhee neer n hoe
Amalee are addicts, to whom nothing compares to the drug; similarly to the fish, there is nothing else like water.

jo rqy sih AwpxY iqn BwvY sBu koie ]1]
jo rathae sehi aapanai thin bhaavai sabh koe 1
But those who are attuned to their Lord - everyone is pleasing to them. The metaphor shows how when someone repeats the Lord's Name its like taking something we rely heavily upon but instead of seperating ourselves from the world we see the Lord in all and as a result we are pleased by others.

hau vwrI vM\w KMnIAY vM\w qau swihb ky nwvY ]1] rhwau ]
ho vaaree va(n)n(j)aa kha(n)neeai va(n)n(j)aa tho saahib kae naavai 1 rehaao
I am a sacrifice, cut apart into pieces, a sacrifice to Your Name, O Lord Master. This is the essence of the entire Shabad - the Lord's Name means everything to the Gursikh and they are happy to sacrifice anything and everything for the Name. Here, committing the ultimate physical act of sacrifice is described; being cut into pieces. This doesn't mean we necessarily have to go and give Shaheedi for the Lord's Name.. it means being satisfied sacrificing our physical, mental or material efforts in the service and upliftment of the Lord's creation. it means sacrificing our time to repat the Lord's Name. it means sometimes sacrificing the easy option for the harder or more honest path. Compared to the less fortunate, we live a lavish life of such abundance. Think of anything and everything we have... we have to not only be willing to give that back to the Lord who provided it; but also use it and share it according to His Will while we have it...

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swihbu sPilE ruKVw AMimRqu jw kw nwau ]
saahib safaliou rukharraa a(n)mrith jaa kaa naao
The Lord is the fruitful tree; His Name is ambrosial nectar.

ijn pIAw qy iqRpq Bey hau iqn bilhwrY jwau ]2]
jin peeaa thae thripath bheae ho thin balihaarai jaao 2
Those who drink it in are satisfied; I am a sacrifice to them. Metaphorically, those souls with such good fortune to repeat the Lord's Name are drinking in God's Amrit and i am but a sacrifice, balihaar, to them.

mY kI ndir n AwvhI vsih hBIAW nwil ]
mai kee nadhar n aavehee vasehi habheeaaa(n) naal
You are not nadhar or visible to me, although You dwell with everyone. Applying this to me i haven't had such good fortune to repeat the Lord's Name enough to be able to see the Lord within all !

iqKw iqhwieAw ikau lhY jw sr BIqir pwil ]3]
thikhaa thihaaeiaa kio lehai jaa sar bheethar paal 3
How can the thirst of the thirsty be quenched, with that wall between me and the pool? The fortunate souls who repeat the Name are thirsty to see the Lord but the pond/pool/tank (metaphor for the Lord) has a wall/screen in front. This screen is the illusion of Maya, its the illusion that He Himself created so that only those with a spiritual kamaaee or achievement could see through it and see the Lord inside each and everyone and all around us.

nwnku qyrw bwxIAw qU swihbu mY rwis ]
naanak thaeraa baaneeaa thoo saahib mai raas
Nanak is Your merchant; You, O Lord Master, are my merchandise. Guru Nanak is like the Lord's dealer who provides us all with our daily "fix" of Naam; those who are hooked and keep buying from this seller will be getting the true bargain or sacha sauda click here for more details...

mn qy DoKw qw lhY jw isPiq krI Ardwis ]4]1]
man thae dhhokhaa thaa lehai jaa sifath karee aradhaas 41
My mind is cleansed of doubt, only when I praise and pray to You.



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